Kiev Drive Day
To organize the best opening of bike season in the heart of Ukrainian capital
We are always happy to implement most daring ideas of our partners, but nevertheless, only your own dream event can be truly ideal.

We at NMS are dedicated motorsport enthusiasts and could not miss the opportunity to organize the opening of the motorcycle season in the very center of Kiev - on Kontraktova Square. During weekend about 100,000 people visited Kiev Drive Day to test the entire range of Ducati motorcycles, get acquainted with HEAD bicycles, enjoy a rock concert, take part in go-kart battles, admire the skills of drifters, play Hot Wheels and just have fun with their families.
Leaving emotions aside, we are not only the authors of the idea of holding the festival, but also developed its style, got approval from city authorities, carried out construction of all locations, as well as installation of the stage. We also actively promoted Kiev Drive Day via the web, on the radio and, of course, on boards throughout the city.
As a result, an incredible number of people experienced indescribable emotions, and we, as well as our partners, enjoyed them.
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